We the People of Washington, DC

MARCH 12-14, 2016

Washington, DC is a federal city.
But, it is also a local one. 
DC is home to 1K+ tech startups. 660K+ residents (and counting). Pro baseball, hockey, basketball, and football teams. NPR. Go-Go. The Smithsonian. José Andrés. The Newseum. 9:30 Club. Mumbo Sauce.
And, way, way, more.
At the WeDC House at SXSW,
meet the side of Washington, DC you didn't catch
on your eighth grade field trip.
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WE DC House, 340 E 2nd St
Washington, DC's Official Music Showcase, March 15
Events DC Presents Music Showcase
Tuesday, March 15, 7PM to 2AM
Official SXSW Music Showcase

Washington, DC, the birthplace of go-go, has deep musical roots that span decades from jazz to punk – plus today’s new styles of hip-hop, electrica and indie rock.  

DC-based and homegrown artists take the stage to highlight DC’s electric music scene!